About Us

The Muslim Youth of the Islamic Center of Detroit (MY-ICD) is comprised of a group of about 40 individuals all ranging from the age of 14 to young professionals. The team is divided into multiple subcommittees to efficiently execute and advertise events and projects. Committed youth from the community were sought out and asked to commit as volunteers under MY-ICD to aid young muslims in immersing themselves to continuous and engaging spiritual, recreational, developmental, and impactful, service and activism programs.

MY-ICD continuously works to attract the youth to our several lectures and qiyams held throughout each month. Spirituality is a concept of utmost importance to adapt to from a young age and we are working to aid our local youth to grow with Islam as a significant part of their lives. Bonfires, barbeques, and delicious desserts are occasionally paired up with a lecture or qiyam to assure an entertaining and educational time, as well as multiple activities to ignite new friendships amongst young Muslims.

MY-ICD presents the youth with several recreational programs and activities such as basketball and soccer leagues for both boys and girls, annual summer camping trips, 5k runs, eid trips, etc.. Our goal is to make the ICD a place the youth want to visit with friends and family, for the multiple opportunities of leisure and memorable experiences.

MY-ICD hosts several workshops and seminars throughout the year to help strengthen our youth in areas of struggle. Some examples would be time-management, leadership, productivity, and mental/physical health workshops. We recently partnered up with The OakTree Institute to gain a wide-range of qualified speakers who are experts in their field of work and share it with our youth in the form of weekend-long workshops.

MY-ICD is working to instill a lasting and strong relationship with different organizations in regards to volunteering and community service. Our goal is to provide the youth with opportunities to gain experience in being an active volunteer and taking part in improving the community in several ways. We have had our youth participate at nursing homes, gardens, and soup kitchens and look forward to resume these efforts with an increase in youth.

With Allah’s will, we grow as a community and organization when we work with our youth and for our youth.

Our Vision

To be the premier destination for Muslim Youth Programs

Our Values

  • Reflection: Driven by Purpose: Our ultimate goal is pleasing Allah SWT
  • Learning: Seek team and individual transformation through continuous learning
  • Process: Organized and goal oriented
  • Relevant & Inclusive: Contemporary topics and welcoming environment
  • Group Focused/Team work: Encourage collaborative team work
  • Partnership: Building bridges with other organizations
  • Impactful Service and Activism: Family, Masjid, and Local service is prioritized
  • Diversity: Innovation through diversity of the team

Our Mission

MY-ICD’s mission is to develop youth of positive change through continuous and engaging spiritual, recreational, developmental, and impactful service and activism programs.




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“The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind”

-Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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