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Prayer was ordained by the Creator for His creation as a benefit to their mind, body, and soul. We all know to focus on the correct words and remembrance of our Lord when we pray – but are we mindful of the postures of our prayer?

Join us for a course that will transform the way you experience the prayer and communicate with your Lord. Postures of Presence takes an in-depth look at the importance of prayer, benefits of prayer, how to approach prayer physically, spiritually, emotionally, and the proper positions of prayer.

Our focus is not on a particular school of thought, but rather on achieving the sunnah of our Nabi SAW, i.e., how did he stand for long hours in prayer, what was his level of physical fitness in order to achieve this, why is the correct posture important in order to maintain the health of your body, how did our Creator intend the Salah to benefit us in every way.